Dictation literary jury charge testimony

3 Jul

Dictation literary jury charge testimony

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Students will benefit greatly from having copies of these dictation texts. The student achieves a speed of 80 words per minute by passing a five-minute It consists of 5 minute dictation of literary at 170, jury charge at 190, and two-voice testimony at 210. Speedbuilding 1 has 10 hours @ 120 to 210 wpm. • Jury Charge Dictation: The dictation in this section is the charge and instructions . Oregon CSRs are tested at the same speeds as RPRs – 225 words per minute for testimony dictation with 95% accuracy. 2 voice testimony and jury charge 2 DVD #11B Live Dictation- Cindy Grafton 60-130 2 voice testimony and jury charge 3 . Students may advance to the next Speed Building . Continues speedbuilding drills and practice in question and answer testimony. Applicants must pass with 95 percent accuracy. Jury charge and literary dictation are given at 200 and 180 . to receive the audio file for your Transfer Speed Placement Dictation Assessments. They will have a minimum of eight hours of live dictation weekly on literary, medical, jury charge and legal opinion, and courtroom testimony. This course is a sustained dictation at high speeds in preparation for the NM state exam. Dictation drills and test are given in testimony, jury charge, and literary. The SpeedStart 50-150 Jury Charge, Testimony & Literary Practice Pack offers you dictation practice at ten . The DRILL CDs consists of intense drill in the Testimony, Literary and Jury Charge categories. The reporter has passed a nationally administered Written Knowledge Test and three-part dictation examination (Literary matter at 180 wpm, Jury Charge at 200 wpm & Testimony at 225 . Concentrated drill and dictation on two-voice testimony, jury charge, literary, and medical material. SpeedStart 50-150 Jury Charge, Testimony & Literary Accelerator Practice . Students should attain 100 wpm on new material with a minimum of 95 percent . Continues speedbuilding drills and practice in jury charge and literary dictation. Cassette A features literary/jury charge at lower speeds. . Literary Jury Charge Testimony Audios available. . . Cassette B . Beginning Speed Placement Assessments - Literary, Jury Charge and Two-voice Testimony speed . Dictation will include jury charge, literary and testimony. . This class involves live dictation in literary, jury charge, two- and three- voice testimony, and medical/technical dictation. This session contains practice words, retention practice, and practice dictation on literary, jury charge, and testimony from 180 to 225 words per minute


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