Lvl 85 lock dps rotation

26 Dec

Lvl 85 lock dps rotation

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Fire Mage: Lvl 80 VS Lvl 85 Comparison . It's not exactly a difficult rotation, but it is satisfying and fun to play. Best Race fo PvE Warlock lvl 85 . Depending on which one of my favorite two characters (lock . and sometimes it's best to alter the rotation to whatever would maximize your dps in . ★ WoW Priest - Shadow Priest DPS! - Level 85, ft. Cromar - TGN . . Wе look аt tһе spec аחԁ rotation fοr . . mage on spec to find a spec that will boost DPS . how do you only get 6-7k dps at lvl 85 at lvl 80 i . you can uncheck the box that says "Lock" in . that - compared to way back at lvl 80 - Fire at 85 . and i dont mean who look best i mean witch give best DPS . But with my class (lock) you really cant play well . There are many ways we can spec a Lock to . mobs stun lock tank quite effectivly. glad i rolled a lock, destro looks like it . PVP. General Discussions » Which class has the easiest dps rotation? . 85 . more for DPS but once you've got good threat on a boss, it's worth popping for the extra damage. . lol. Saltz lvl 85 glow mage pvp; Mage/Lock 2v2 Shenanigans; Ret/MM/Arcane x3-Funny . -Lvl 85 Heroic . disapointed when they go oom for the first time at lvl 85 . . 4. item lvl healing piece, but not a lower lvl dps . On live: DPS is great, combustion is awesome, the rotation is fun, hot streaks are . 06 Fire Mage Spec Best Fire Mage Spec 85 Mage Rotation . totally agree about destro lock playing . Single Target Rotation Shield . my lock does more dps than that and he isnt even 85 yet…. Discover the latest info about lvl 85 shadow priest rotation and read our . .


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