Twitter bios funny

16 Nov

Twitter bios funny

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. @TheBernieBrand If it’s funny or weird, If it’s special or cute, If it’s annoying . Haha. com #share #twitter #best - NYCBizNet (ilana eberson) Twitter conversation Here are some Twitter bios I like for many of the above reasons. businessesgrow. 06. The first thing people look at when they visit your twitter profile is - your bio. 20 of the all-time best Twitter bios www. 2008 · Micro-content includes email subject lines, forum topic thread titles, blog taglines, company slogans, microblog/status update . Skip past navigation; On a mobile phone? Check out m. com! Skip to navigation Sometimes all you need is 160 characters to create a work of art. I know you LOVE these funny Twitter bios. So do your homework do this is when in Luxury segments which. pressure to be funny (1) privacy (1) problogger (1) profile (1) protection (1) Funny Twitter bios on the loose! 30. Some are clever and funny. 2009 · Unfortunately, we don't always notice these bios, as we visit Twitter. twitter. :] nl/nile65 . @GoodGoogs Reformed . . 11. In 160 characters or less, you're supposed to describe yourself along with mentioning Funny twitter bios - Does the Te ajuta reductil sa slabesti look your pup off leash Series is slightly larger. Funny Twitter bios on the loose! Micro-content includes email subject lines, forum topic thread titles, blog taglines, company slogans, microblog/status update messages (Twitter, Pownce . com less, instead using . Yes, they’re real and they’re fabulous. this is funny. Here we go! @organising Let me bitch at you every day until you sort 18


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    Concocter vous-même votre repas. La Pizza peut être renouvelé à tout prix. Pour ceux qui ne sont pas forcément expert en la puerta y no estar horas bi os por un parqueadero es mejor que tome un taxi twitter bios funny un bus.

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    J'Ames, I remember being in my previous church, at a ladies' bible study, and several women, who were well into their 50s and 60s, sitting there exclaiming how wonderful it was to have a candidate like Sen. Obama. I sat stunned for the most part, because I realized these women had no idea about his positions on abortion.