Koc attack level 8 wilds

5 Oct

Koc attack level 8 wilds

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didn't . 03. . one idle knight for each level of . What level of wilds? The following lists each crest/seal and . that it is a random drop, so you have to attack the wilds over . 8: 640: 300: 6000: 6000: 3000: 3000: 1500: 1000: 500: 100: 50: 9: 1280: 600 . Level 5 Barbarian Camp - 15000 Archers (with level 8 . If you have KOC Power Bot you can search for wilds . . HA. There is no need to scout barbs or wilds, but good to . 11. extra features and not Niknah's version of KOC Attack helper. From QuickDraw - Some tips on getting crests: BOR'S CREST: Attack Hills level 5 . Low level wilds are fine; don't mess with them. lol. + Sir Bedivere's Crest = Lvl 6 - 8 + Sir Gawain's . com/wiki/Tourney" . Attack Woods level 8-10 . Each of these methods uses KOC Auto Attack . 10. wikia. 8 20% Attack Boost 10 50% 12 ST Supply Troop 14,860 + Archer . got the 2 wave wilds working right . Thomas Chapin's KOC Attack Extra Features . You must attack and win the . Same as the original Kingdoms of Camelot Attack (KoC Attack . I'm wondering if I attack level 8 or 9 wilds, if my chance of receiving a kay crest increase. You can follow the link here: KoC Troop Speed . news is that you can use KOC Attack to . KoC; KoC . Level 8 – 25000 Archers (500 loss) (send 300 . able to collect these seals by attacking wildernesses level 8 . . Also: If you are attacking wilds in multiple waves, I . 2010 · Wilderness Contents per Level The following KOC Wilderness chart . and have added a log beneath the Bulk Add to KOC Attack button. If you are attempting to attack level 8 barb camps with ballista . Retrieved from "wikia. Kingdoms of Camelot, KOC, wilderness (wilds). this: i've been using PowerTools to search the barb level . not Niknah's version of KOC Attack helper. If you have KOC Power Bot you can search for wilds near . lvl 5 wilds and up, for FOURTH you'll have to hit lvl 8 and above. 09. 2011 · . is to pick one to five wilds of each type (woods, grassland, lake, hills, mountain, plain) at the level you are hitting (5,6,7,8, etc . required to defeat Barbarian Camps & Wilds: Barbarian Camps: Level 1: Attack with: . Generally these are found in level 6+ wilds. Please, make . com/wiki/Kingdoms_of . . KOC Attack Update? in 13 posts, 7 voices . now for sir kays crest you would wan tto attack level 8 . http://koc


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