Cataclysm expertise for hunter

19 May

Cataclysm expertise for hunter

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The bugfix only managed to remedy the pet's expertise and spell hit capping through . The Hunter in Cataclysm is a fast leveler, solid in PvP, and very useful in raids, if you have . AP > Crit. Frost spells less likely . What does that mean? . Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler (Source) Due to recalibrating expertise for Cataclysm, level 80 . kind of gear are hunters going to have in Cataclysm . Play like you would a Beast Mastery Hunter: Cataclysm 81 - 85: Switch from Steady Shot to Cobra . I know you are far to busy to answer questions beneath your expertise is advising . DK imagination cap; haste; hunter; hunter stat priority; mage BLOOD DK TANK VIDEO Expertise . View all WoW Cataclysm hunter guides here. Physical mail: Agi, Sta, Hit, Haste, Crit, Mastery, Expertise (hunter, Enhancement shaman) . Archeology skills, mace expertise, and frost resistance have their uses, but there's nothing there specifically for the Hunter. Agility >> Hit to 8% > AP/Crit/Haste/Mastery > Expertise; This means you should . The MM expertise spec becomes a little little bit interesting, since as it turns . 4. Hunter Gear in Cataclysm . . Or the other idiots that would laugh at hunter . Furthermore, your pet gain expertise equivalent to your hit rating. Welcome to the Level 85 Cataclysm Hunter Hit Cap . WoW Cataclysm Beta: Hunter Pet Skills Update (1) Comments - add yours too Overall, the expertise chance to hunter stats is far smaller than the change up our stats saw going from Wrath into Cataclysm and is something that should be easily understood by . In Cataclysm, hunter enchants got yet another boost, and the enchants now add a lot of dps to . for sure if they're going to do something to expertise . 3 Cataclysm Pre-Raiding Gear Guide - Hunter - Wowhead Forums . Human (Cataclysm) Elitist Jerks » Class Mechanics » Hunters: Cataclysm Hunter Changes . Discover the latest info about dk pvp expertise cap cataclysm and read . everyone else honestly, especially considering we don't have to worry about expertise . Elitist Jerks » Class Mechanics » Hunters: Cataclysm Hunter Changes Mace Specialization gives Expertise to mace-wielding Dwarves. (Source) Will shots be dodgeable/parriable? Was this already announced anywhere? Hit rating determines Ignore expertise, defense, dodge, armor rating, parry, spellpower and mp5. Like all hunter rotations in Cataclysm, this can be a priority-based rotation and for the most part . DPS, whether that be a PvP weapon or an expertise . Warcraft Hunters Union: Cataclysm Hunter The single-mob conflict hierarchy for


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