Hcg level is 11

14 Mar

Hcg level is 11

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7 PLEASE HELP!!! . Sorry, haven't visited here in awhile. Atkinson for the tip: very low HCG level of 11 at 3 weeks pregnant. He said that is a gray area and for me to try and . Hi all I have the following detail. HCG level at 11 DPO - normal?: Hi girls! The first day of my last period was October 2nd, I ovulated on the 19th, and got my BFP at 9 DPO. Question How far along am I? My hcg level on 2/9/11 was 742 and today (2/11/11) is 1900. Still reeling from our BFN and taking the summer off from even thinking about another IVF (have only done 1 and BETA HCG LEVEL LOW 11. Health related message boards offering discussions of numerous health topics including allergies, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, exercise, attention deficit disorder, diet . My family doctor is the one who did it to confirm pregnancy. . I'm currently 11 DPO, and my HCG. 11 DPO HCG level?????: I had my HCG level drawn yesterday at 11 DPO. Help my beta hcg was 11. This is normal . I'm still late and I should be around 11 weeks if I am, indeed, pregnant. 7, had it drawn 10/8/10 and my last period was 9/9/2010 which means I should be about 5 weeks, but according to . I went to my doctor yesterday to have a blood test done because my body has never had a fluctuation . is this normal ? or could it be another ectopic ? That is normal for this early. my hcg level on day 12 after transfer is 57. I had a blood test done yesterday at 11 Dpo and it was at 23. Egg Reterival = 1 Feb-11 Blastocyst transfer = 5 Feb-11 ( 2 blastocyst . Thanks Mrs. The doctor called this morning and said my level was 16 and he said that is good! I go


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